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The semi steel radial tire is a new type of tire in which the carcass cords are arranged in the meridian direction, and the buffer layers are arranged circumferentially or close to the circumferential direction to tightly hoop the carcass.
The cord of the carcass ply of the semi steel radial tire is at an angle of 90 ° C to the tread centerline, and the layers of cords do not intersect each other. Since the carcass cords are arranged in the direction of the earth's meridian, the strength of the cord can be fully utilized, so the number of plies of the tire is reduced by 40%-50% compared with the ordinary diagonal tire (for example, the carcass is made of steel cord, Only one layer), the carcass is soft and elastic.
The semi steel radial tire has a large carrying capacity. Since the arrangement of the radial tire cords is consistent with the main deformation direction of the tire, the cord strength is fully and effectively utilized, so that the load capacity of the ordinary diagonal tire is more than 10%.
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