Agricultural Tire (R-1 R-2 PR-1 F-2 B-2)

Agricultural Tire (R-1 R-2 PR-1 F-2 B-2)

Farm Tyre, Agricultural Tyre, Tractor Tyre manufacturer / supplier in China, offering Farm Tyre/Agricultural Tire (R-1 R-2 PR-1 F-2 B-2), Forklift Tyre Press with CE Tp80 Tp120 Tp160 Tp200, OTR Tyre/Mining Tyre/OTR Tire (23.5X25, 26.5-25 29.5-25, 20.5-25 14.00-24) and so on.

Product Details

Should you are have any preference for the tire, welcome to buy the best quality farm tyre/agricultural tire (r-1 r-2 pr-1 f-2 b-2) from our company. With over 10 years experience, we can assure you the good quality of our products.

Basic Info

  • Model NO.: 16.9-28 16.9-24 18.4-34 18.4-38 20.8-42 18.4-30

  • Diameter: 12, 14, 16, 20, 24

  • Certification: CCC, ISO, DOT, ECE, Gcc, SNI, Inmetro, Soncap

  • Tread Pattern: Cross-Country Tread Pattern

  • Quality: Top 5 in China

  • Produced by: Our Own Factory

  • Specification: CCC ISO CCC DOT

  • HS Code: 4011

  • Classification: Tires

  • Type: Tube Type

  • Tire Design: Diagonal Tire

  • Brand: Treadstone, Hard Rock

  • Delivery Time: 2 - 3 Weeks

  • Trademark: Treadstone, Hard Rock

  • Origin: Qingdao, Chin

1: Suits for drive wheels of agricultural vehicles, for unique formula and tread pattern design,
2: The tyre enjoys high traction and strong abrasion performance, etc.

Tyre Size
23.1-26 R-1/PR-1
20.8-38 R-1/PR-1
18.4-38 R-1/PR-1
18.4-34 R-1/PR-1
18.4-30 R-1/PR-1
18.4-26 R-1/PR-1
16.9-38 R-1/PR-1
16.9-34 R-1/PR-1
16.9-30 R-1/PR-1
16.9-28 R-1/PR-1
16.9-24 R-1/PR-1
15.5-38 R-1/PR-1
15-24 R-1/PR-1
14.9-30 R-1/PR-1
14.9-28 R-1/PR-1
14.9-26 R-1/PR-1
14.9-24 R-1/PR-1
13.6-38 R-1/PR-1
13.6-28 R-1/PR-1
13.6-24 R-1/PR-1
12.4-28 R-1/PR-1
11.2-28 R-1/PR-1
14.9-24 R-1/PR-1
11.2-24 R-1/PR-1
9.5-24 R-1/PR-1
8.3-24 R-1/PR-1
8.3-20 R-1/PR-1
7.50-20 R-1/PR-1
7.50-16 R-1/PR-1
6.00-16 R-1/PR-1
6.00-12 R-1/PR-1
16.9-34 R-1/PR-1
16.9-30 R-1/PR-1
14.9-24 R-1/PR-1
11-32 R-1/PR-1
9.5-20 R-1/PR-1
4.00-14 F-2
4.00-16 F-2
5.00-15 F-2
6.00-16 F-2
6.50-16 F-2
6.50-20 F-2
7.50-16 F-2
7.50-18 F-2
10.00-16 F-2
11.00-16 F-2
4.00-8 B-1 Barrow
400-12 B-1 Barrow
400-14 B-1 Barrow
450-14 B-1 Barrow
450-16 B-1 Barrow
500-16 B-1 Barrow
550-16 B-1 Barrow
600-16 B-1 Barrow

1: We are the largest BIAS tyre manufacturer in Qingdao, and Producing the BEST Quality BIAS tyre in Shandong Province. Frankly Our BIAS Tyre Sales Capacity is in Top 5 in China.
2: We have more than 20 engineers and 70 QC persons working in factory to guarantee the production quality every day, & more than 20 sales and operators to serve our customer, all of them know the tyre and market very well.
3: We have our own brands "HARD ROCK" and "TREADSTONE" produced by the highest quality compounds, best working machines and strict production technics. Our tyres are Free-QC goods in Shandong Province and China for well-known quality, with CCC, DOT, ISO, SGS certificates.
4: We are offering loader, grader, excavator, trailer, and forklift tyres to some famous OE manufacturers of China (CHANGLIN, SHANTUI, HELI FORKLIFT, HANGZHOU FORKLIFT, DFM, LIUGONG, SDLG).
5: We accept LCL Cargo, Full Cargo, Partiial Cargo ORDERS. We welcome the OEM, ODM and BOTH-INVESTMENT.

ROCKBUSTER BRAND TIRE OFFER- Ralph Liu - Trustable Tyre Supplier
20.5-25L-511-22.5Trailer Rib13.6-24R-1/PR-1
17.5-25L-510.00-20Trailer Rib12.4-28R-1/PR-1
17.5-25IND-3S+8-14.5Mobile Home11.2-28R-1/PR-1
23.5-25IND-3S+7.50-16Trailer Rib14.9-24R-1/PR-1
11.00-20E-4A7.00-15Trailer Rib11.2-24R-1/PR-1
12.00-20E-4A12.00-20TBB Lug9.5-24R-1/PR-1
13.00-25E-4B11.00-20TBB Lug/Rib8.3-24R-1/PR-1
14.00-20E-4B10.00-20TBB Lug/Rib8.3-20R-1/PR-1
14.00-24E-3B9.00-20TBB Lug/Rib7.50-20R-1/PR-1
14.00-25E-3B8.25-20TBB Lug/Rib7.50-16R-1/PR-1
16/70-24L3/E37.50-20TBB Lug6.00-16R-1/PR-1
16/70-20L3/E37.00-20TBB Lug6.00-12R-1/PR-1
12.00-16L3/E39.00-16TBB Lug/Rib16.9-34R-1/PR-1
8.25-16L3/E38.25-16TBB Lug/Rib16.9-30R-1/PR-1
7.50-16L3/E37.50-16TBB Lug/Rib14.9-24R-1/PR-1
20.5/70-16L3/E37.00-16TBB Lug/Rib11-32R-1/PR-1
16/70-16L3/E37.00-15TBB Lug/Rib9.5-20R-1/PR-1
14/90-16L3/E36.50-16TBB Lug/Rib4.00-14F-2
14.00-20E7 Desert6.50-15TBB Lug/Rib4.00-16F-2
12.00-20Mining/Ind6.00-15TBB Lug/Rib5.00-15F-2
11.00-20Mining/Ind6.00-14TBB Lug/Rib6.00-16F-2
10.00-20Mining/Ind6.00-13TBB Lug/Rib6.50-16F-2
9.00-20Mining/Ind9.5l-14I-1 Multi Rib6.50-20F-2
8.25-20Mining/Ind9.5L-15I-1 Multi Rib7.50-16F-2
9.00-16Mining/Ind11L-15I-1 Multi Rib7.50-18F-2
8.25-16Mining/Ind11L-16I-1 Multi Rib10.00-16F-2
7.50-16Mining/Ind12.5L-15I-1 Multi Rib11.00-16F-2
7.00-16Mining/Ind11L-15F-34.00-8B-1 Barrow
6.50-16Mining/Ind11L-16F-3400-12B-1 Barrow
6.50-15Mining/Ind10.0/80-12F-600400-14B-1 Barrow
6.00-15Mining/Ind10.0/75-15.3F-600450-14B-1 Barrow
6.00-14Mining/Ind11.5/80-15.3F-600450-16B-1 Barrow
6.00-13Mining/Ind12.5/80-15.3F-600500-16B-1 Barrow
10-16.5Skid Steer12.5/80-18F-600550-16B-1 Barrow
12-16.5Skid Steer13.0/65-18F-600600-16B-1 Barrow
14-17.5Skid Steer16.9-24R-421L-24R-4
15-19.5Skid Steer16.9-28R-4600/50-22.5IMP


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