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Wheel Driving Test Driving The New Edition Hit Service Upgrade
Jan 06, 2017

On November 9, the wheels first learned of the company's Internet platforms-app-wheel driving a comprehensive upgrade and facelift, wheel driving v6.6 update, new interactions, new features improve the user experience it again. The stars wheel company wheels driving test revision updates, mark a further consolidation of wheel front wheel business of the company, by collecting student feedback form product iterations, further services in the field of driving test crowd.

Experience driving feature upgrades

Wheel driving test app currently is divided into four sections, namely the "driving test", "test", "new car" and "my" section. Content from the product function, students learning experience and overwrite the contents of the automobile market. From the function of the driving test in terms of integrating registration and vehicle modules, and additional driving test headline contents. Driving schools choose content, into driving two wheels driving the Internet and cooperation. Internet driving school choice can be seen as wheel driving test app from online business offline service breakthroughs. Wheels driving school not only for the users of the Internet to provide online about about exam appointment, independent features, line coach services, customer service staff, effective supervision and brand features such as information management, realize the Internet driving brand upgrade, the traditional drivers ' training the healthy development of the industry.