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Tire Safety Tips
Jan 06, 2017

Tip: check air pressure every other month at least once, and use an accurate tire pressure gauge. Some tire brands shops will have a test pressure of free services.

Tyres to regular "rotation"

In General, the weight of the car is not evenly distributed on all four tires. For all-season tires and most standard vehicles on the road, tires on the rear axle and tyres on the front axle swap. But when the tire change on the drive shaft to the rear axle, with the same side of the tire replacement.

Referred to as "modified x" mode, namely design of directional tires you should adopt a different way of rotation. In this regard, all tires should be the same before and after the tire change; for a four wheel drive vehicle, it is recommended that Exchange of all four tires, rear axle tire diagonal transfer modes.

Tip: the four-wheel drive vehicles may need to be rotated every 6436 kilometers. Tire rotation for the first time is very important, do not forget after each rotation according to the vehicle manufacturer's recommendations to adjust air pressure.