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SUV Tires Wear Resistance And Load Index To Be Better
May 25, 2017

We run, climbing, play need to wear different shoes, and tires equivalent to the car "shoes", but also need to be based on the different positioning and different uses to distinguish the choice. The same SUV, use different, the required tires are different, today I like to talk with the brick taccarat SUV tires.

Ordinary car tires are mainly traveling on urban roads or highways, mainly considering comfort, handling and safety. Therefore, the car tires are relatively soft carcass, tread pattern fine and simple, a few longitudinal groove is responsible for drainage.

SUV tires must have a certain non-pavement performance, so we see most of the SUV tires tread pattern will be deeper than the car tires wider and more complex. This will help improve the non-pavement in the road driving force, but also faster discharge of the trench in the soil, stones and so on.

Of course, do not rule out the pursuit of road performance SUV, with patterns and recipes with the same tire tires. But for off-road demand SUV, generally choose SUV special tires.

SUV tires of the three categories

SUV city SUV and off-road SUV points, so SUV tires according to different SUV models are divided into HT, AT and MT three categories.

HT tires, also known as highway SUV tires, are mainly used in pavement pavement and are able to meet minor off-road requirements. HT tires are more comfortable, tire tires close to the car tires, but the wear resistance and load index to be better. Ordinary home SUV and sport SUV will choose this tire.

AT tires for the whole road tires, this tire with a balanced performance, whether it is pavement or pavement pavement can be a good job, so become the first choice for hardcore SUV original tires. AT tires are larger, and the trenches are wider and deeper than HT tires, and the rubber of the carcass is relatively hard. Although the overall performance is excellent, but comfort is not its strength.

MT Tire is a professional off-road tires, its visual effects are exaggerated, the blocks are thick and hard, vertical and horizontal groove is very wide and deep. With this tire running pavement is simply torture, comfort and handling are greatly affected, it is only applicable to the difficult off-road conditions.

SUV tire classification is relatively simple, for most of the road on the road SUV, choose HT tire on it. For the off-road hardcore SUV, the general AT tire is enough. As for the MT tires, usually off-road enthusiasts need to use.