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SUV Tires Maintain An Effective Transmission Of Power
Oct 31, 2017

In general, SUV Tires prefer cars for non-original tires for car owners, one can directly expand the capacity of SUV Tires, and secondly, if the tires are changed, the visual expansion is far better than the car The However, many SUV Tires have encountered a very real problem, what tires for the right?

First and foremost, that is, according to their own needs.

If you just put your SUV Tires a means of transport within the city or the means of rapid movement between cities, then HT is your inevitable choice, its thin fetal crown thin, tires smaller, more soft, very suitable for the city And the asphalt road on the highway.

If you like the occasional driving out to find some rustic, but do not avoid the city is often used in this inevitable use, AT is equipped with your SUV, it is not arrogant in the asphalt pavement, wear is not fast, It is not easy to be nails to tie, climb the sand slope over the dirt road is also easy.

If you are determined to toss their own SUV, every time you have to wash a mud bath can not be the case, it must be equipped with MT tires, it is designed for the mud and raw, thick placenta like a propeller to throw the mud off the mud, Easily with the car forward, but if it is placed on the asphalt road is a nightmare, it will roar to protest against your injustice, because the hero useless ah!

Second, look at the texture. In general, the soft texture of the tire tires smaller, here is particularly worth mentioning is the Goodyear Wrangler tires, using a double layer of Kaifu layer, the tire noise to the minimum and even mute. On the contrary, the texture of the tire tires is large.

Again, look at the pattern. Tread and the same quality, directly affect the driving comfort, and tread is also related to the safety of driving. Goodyear Wrangler tires in the tread design can be described as originality. Among them, the Wrangler all-weather urban off-road tires with a silent block design, Wrangler F1 luxury SUV Tires with ribs block design to improve the handling and grip performance, Wrangler armor professional off-road tires are asymmetrical pattern design, balanced non-pavement Pavement grip and pavement handling.

After more than a comparison, I for their own SUV TiresDodge cool selection of Goodyear Wrangler tires. I have said, "on the road" is my way of life, so my main task of SUV Tires to accompany me to cross the road. In the off-road process, to face a variety of unexpected situations, but also to deal with a variety of road conditions, even so complicated, Wrangler tires are still excellent to complete every off-road mission. Can have such an effect, one Wrangler tires themselves high quality, two because I usually pay attention to the maintenance of tires.

Car tires are the only parts of a vehicle that are in contact with the ground and maintain effective transmission. So a good tire to a large extent to enhance the performance of the vehicle, and choose a wrong tire will leave the vehicle a lot of hidden dangers. SUV Tires, as the name suggests, is SUV Tires models on the special tires. Due to the SUV Tiresmodel positioning reasons, SUV Tiretires and ordinary car tires will have many different.

Ordinary car tires are mainly traveling on some pavement roads such as highways, so the comfort, handling and safety of tires are the most common consideration for these tires. In view of this performance requirements, most of today's car tires are mostly small patterns / blocks, all tires on the horizontal pattern are more fine, to enhance the handling of the tire and reduce the tire noise. Several longitudinal patterns are mainly responsible for the tread drain function.

And SUV Tires must have a certain non-pavement performance, so we see most of the SUV Tires will be deeper than the car tires tread pattern. This pattern can be faster to discharge the trench in the soil, stones and other impurities, to maintain the best tire grip. Not only the horizontal pattern so, in general, the vertical pattern of SUV Tires will be more than the car tires, wider.

In addition to the different patterns, in the tire size and speed level on the two tires will be a gap. SUV Tires in order to better non-pavement road comfort and durability, the flat ratio is generally larger. And, in the tread hardness of the tire, SUV Tires will be significantly higher than the car tires. This is due to SUV Tires models in the bad road on the wear when the wear is significantly higher than the reasons on the road.