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SUV Tires Improved Motion Performance In The Process
Oct 19, 2017

As SUV models are getting hotter in China, and it will inevitably lead to a gradual increase in the replacement rate of SUV tires in the next few years, and may become the main force in the replacement tire market, 2015, many big brands have started to build their SUV tire products, today Bong show you, What is the competitive edge of these brand tyres?

Tyres are comfortable tyres and paved roads for pavement. In terms of product positioning, primacy SUV travel is positioned in midrange products and replaces the current latitude Tour HP and latitude Tour. Because of the use of original FLEXMAX2.0 technology, the tire compared to the range of latitude Tour HP, in the grip will be improved, in which the wetland braking distance of the average of 1.5 meters, while the dry ground braking distance is reduced by an average of 1.6 meters; stability.

Because SUV models have excellent cross-country and road pass sex, so they are very popular in China, but there are too many SUVs in the market, so how do we pick the SUV tires?

How do you choose your tires? Gifted horse Tires expert guidance Maze: In the current international tire market, SUV tires are mainly divided into HT pavement tires, at all terrain Road tires, MT limit off-road road tires and UHP ultra-high performance tires, each of these tires have different characteristics.

The pattern of the HT tires is very detailed, the advantage is that it can bring very good comfort, and the noise is low, and the soft sidewall can provide more filtration damping performance, but also in the paved road to provide a large grip on the good, will not let the car owner in the brakes feel nervous.

Compared to the HT tire, at the tire slightly rough, this design has a good stone and drainage, in the muddy road advantage is more obvious. The tires are also more durable than general HT tires, so they are called full terrain tires. The tyres are well balanced in road travel and off-road performance,SUV Tires so they are very suitable for the likes of going out, generally used by cross-country enthusiasts.

MT Tires suitable for some very special road, such as Gravel road, flying Stone landslide, hail Road, Muddy Road, Swamp, Gobi Desert and other road, in these roads have a strong pass, can make the vehicle easily out of trouble. Because the tyre pursues the ultimate off-road road when the passing sex,SUV Tires its ride comfort than HT, at the tire slightly inferior. Because MT Tires is the ultimate off-road tire, can overcome all extreme road conditions, so very suitable for those who love to challenge the limit, enjoy cross-country life of the deep off-road fans.

UHP tires in the design, formulation and production process have improved the performance of the movement, so that it has excellent performance in all aspects. Of course,SUV Tires its price also highlights its "nobility" status, usually UHP tires are used as luxury car tires, the price is relatively expensive.