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SUV Tires Comfortable Performance
Jun 08, 2017

Do not worry about the true SUV or "false SUV", as long as the car is inseparable from the tire, for off-road properties of the SUV, the choice of a suitable tire is particularly important, today we give you some popular SUV tire classification knowledge The

 SUV Tire Classification

SUV can be divided into two categories, namely, urban SUV and off-road SUV. They use the tires are different, can be divided into three categories, namely HT, AT and MT tires.

 HT Tires: City players

HT tires, refers to cross country tires for urban pavement. It is the closest SUV tires to car tires, mainly in pavement road driving city SUV tires. Cement road and asphalt pavement is the most common pavement, rather than pavement refers to the gravel road and mud road.

Features: HT tires are most concerned about the handling, comfort and other characteristics, the other off-road performance but is secondary. The HT tread pattern tends to be small, fine, and the carcass is relatively soft, which reduces road noise and provides comfortable and stable driving for the vehicle.

AT Tires: All-purpose players

AT (All-Terrain) tires, refers to the cross-country tire for the whole road. Pavement and pavement can be dealt with. Its off-road performance is better than HT tires, but not as good as HT tires (but not much worse). Because the overall performance is more balanced,SUV tires so got a full road off-road tires first name.

Features: Compared with HT tires, AT tires block larger, vertical and horizontal trench structure bigger and deeper, the carcass rubber is also harder. So the tire grip and off-road through the performance of stronger, but the fish and bear's paw can not have both, this design and comfort contrary.

MT Tire: off-road strong hand

MT (Mud-Terrain) tires, refers to the cross-country tires for professional off-road pavement. Commonly known as "mud tires", it can be called mountain cross-country tires, in short, this cargo is not good road, for off-road students.

Features: relative to HT and AT tires, MT tires have a very vivid style, its tread is quite exaggerated, huge blocks, very deep vertical and horizontal groove. This design is conducive to slow mud mud or high-speed mud, in some harsh ground (such as uneven rock) also has a strong adhesion. MT tire defects are also obvious, the road running a lot of noise, poor comfort, braking and steering performance is also poor.

In the choice of SUV tires, be sure to choose according to their own needs. Do not look at people's tires "domineering" themselves blindly follow the trend. For example, the pure city SUV you installed a MT cross country tires, not only the noise is poor comfort, but also pay oil. If your SUV most of the time commuter only in the city, then the HT tires enough, if the road-based long-distance driving more, then the AT tires more suitable,SUV tires MT tires only for small minority professional sport utility vehicle, most people generally Will not play