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Puzzle Auto Parking System Usage And Permissions Control Functions,
Jul 10, 2017

With the development of information technology, smart city construction came into being, Puzzle Auto Parking System equipment is the of the city development of the necessary equipment? Modern cities mainly through the Internet of things infrastructure, cloud computing infrastructure and other new generation of information technology, the full realization of the Internet, intelligent integration and continuous innovation. Intelligent traffic as part of the construction of the of the city, its Puzzle Auto Parking System as an important means of intelligent transportation, it is in the of the city to build what role?

The of the city is the current people put forward a new concept, but also in a lead and growth period of the critical point, but with the of the city to promote the popularity of its development prospects are bright. As the saying goes, intelligent traffic is an important indicator of the development of a city, so the core of intelligent city construction is intelligent transportation, intelligent transportation mainly includes people's parking problems and urban parking induced problems, and intelligent Puzzle Auto Parking System with the development of technology , At the same time in order to meet people's parking needs, the function of continuous innovation, for people to bring a great convenience.

The urban parking guidance system is currently playing an important role in the construction of the intelligent city. The change data of the parking spaces are mainly processed through the wireless public communication network system and processed by the parking guidance control system to generate the empty parking spaces corresponding to each parking lot. The system information of the guidance system can change the parking spaces in the surrounding parking lot, so as to provide the owner with effective free parking information.

Through the parking lot installed in the Puzzle Auto Parking System, people can achieve reverse search, self-help payment, parking guidance, WeChat payment and other functions, and urban parking guidance system can be real-time monitoring of parking spaces in the use of parking, statistical parking In the daily or monthly usage and permissions control functions.

Intelligent Parking Management System Workflow

When entering the field, if it is a temporary card, the driver himself to take the card, barrier open, the vehicle traffic.

When playing, fixed card, direct card access. Temporary card, the toll collection fees, the gate release.

Whether the vehicle into or out, open the gate in the moment, the camera photographed to keep records.

After the vehicle passes through the barrier, the barrier closes automatically.

When entering the driver, the driver drove to the entrance control machine, if it is fixed card users, direct credit card will be able to access, for long distance card, is to enter the reader range immediately read the card, no credit card. Fixed card reader, the system will determine whether there is a limited period of time, whether the balance is enough, and to determine whether there is no parking inside the record, if the above conditions, then open the gate release, otherwise the voice prompts do not release.

These advantages for the vehicle management system workflow in China's rapid development laid the foundation for the vehicle management system will be toward a more open and more flexible direction. China's smart car park market development will follow the development of foreign countries, but the pace of development will be faster than abroad.