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Puzzle Auto Parking System It Is Convenient For Some Unskilled Drivers
Jun 19, 2017

Puzzle Auto Parking System from the functional points, composed of three parts, namely, environmental perception module, electronic ECU module and the implementation of the module.

1. Environmental awareness module: the main use of the appropriate sensor, accurate detection of environmental information, find parking spaces, and real-time feedback vehicle location information. At present the main use of ultrasonic radar and camera to achieve.

Among them, the ultrasonic radar to complete the Puzzle Auto Parking System in the relevant distance measurement tasks.

As the ultrasonic sensor can not detect the white line, but automatic parking must also consider the parking area boundary recognition, so the general Puzzle Auto Parking System, will use the camera to support the white line recognition to ensure that the vehicle can stop in the white line area.

The number and layout of ultrasonic sensors and cameras depends on the detection accuracy and completeness of the surrounding objects. Ultrasound generally ranging from 8 to 16, camera 1 to 3. Different detection algorithms, the required number will be different.

2. Electronically controlled ECU module: is the core module of Puzzle Auto Parking System. It is mainly used to deal with the real-time information of the environment obtained from the environment-aware module and calculate the target parking position and the relative position of the vehicle in real time. Determine the feasibility of the various, and ultimately determine the appropriate automatic parking strategy. Issue the corresponding operation instruction to the execution module. And real-time diagnosis of the system.

Among them, real-time parking space detection, parking path and parking strategy are the key technologies of electronic control ECU module.

Electronic control ECU module, the collected data analysis and processing, the car's current location, the target location and the surrounding environment parameters. And then according to the various algorithms provided to obtain the correct parking strategy and parking path. Real-time generation of the operating instructions of the implementing agencies. Such as whether to slow down the brake, whether to implement the shift, the steering wheel real-time angle and real-time torque, whether the engine to speed up operations and so on. Then, the electronic ECU module converts the command into an electrical signal to the execution module. After the implementation of the module to accept the electrical signal, according to the instructions to complete the car driving operations, including the angle, direction and power support and other aspects of control.

3. Execution module: mainly according to the electronic control ECU module decision information and operation instructions, control the steering wheel and power system, in accordance with the decision path to control the vehicle to travel to the set parking spaces.

Implementation of the module involved more, mainly EPS, electric power steering, ABS / ESP vehicle stability control system, EMS engine management system, TCU automatic transmission control system.

Here, semi-Puzzle Auto Parking System on the ABS / ESP, TCU do not control, and rely on the driver.

Among them, the EPS system, mainly based on the electronic control ECU module issued by the steering wheel target angle, the target torque to adjust their own state. And its own state of real-time feedback to the electronic control ECU module.

ABS / ESP system, mainly for braking and deceleration operation, to achieve the electronic control ECU module specified speed requirements, and to maintain the stability of the body state. While its own state of real-time feedback to the electronic control ECU module.

EMS system, in accordance with the electronic control ECU module specified speed requirements, the corresponding twist twist to ensure vehicle power requirements and emissions requirements. And its own state of real-time feedback to the electronic control ECU module.

TCU part, mainly in accordance with the electronic control ECU module specified stall target, real-time adjustment of stalls. And its own state of real-time feedback to the electronic control ECU module.

In summary, the Puzzle Auto Parking System will involve the following components of the car: parking assist key, front / rear parking assist radar, body left / right parking assist steering radar, camera, wheel speed sensor, electric power steering, ESP control Unit, electrically controlled ECU module, front / rear parking assist buzzer, steering light lever and associated harness.

Among them, the electronic control ECU module for information processing and the issuance of parking instructions.

The wheel speed sensor detects the vehicle travel and transmits the travel information.

The camera is assisted by the white line of the parking area boundary.

Parking radar and steering assist radar, the use of ultrasonic detection of obstacles and distance.

Parking assist buzzer, in the process of automatic parking issued a tone.