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Motorcycle Tires The Most Important Consumables
May 25, 2017

Motorcycle Tires may be the most important consumables on motorcycles, and car Motorcycle Tires can be a large area of stable contact with the ground, the motorcycle and the ground contact only a small two. To MOTOGP, for example, when the driver to 64 degrees tilt angle corner, each tire and ground contact area is only a bank card so big. So small contact area, it is necessary to take the motorcycle to grab the ground does not fall out, but also responsible for the power transmission to the ground, the importance of good or bad tire is self-evident.

The most important place is the most easily overlooked place, how many riders are very clear when to replace the Motorcycle Tires? Most of the comrades in mind only a vague concept: sports car tire 5000 km for travel Motorcycle Tires 10,000 km for the change.

According to the number of kilometers to calculate the tire loss method has some truth, but the factors that determine the tire loss is not just how far away from the run, running, traffic, weather, parking time can greatly affect the tire wear and tear.

Since only the number of kilometers is not accurate, then we have any way to help determine whether the tire should be replaced?

Most road Motorcycle Tires have treads, which are designed to cope with changes in weather and road conditions that may occur in road racing. Well-designed tread can help in the rain to help drainage, but also in the gravel pavement to provide additional grip.

The most important way to judge the loss of the road tire is to look at the wear of the tire tread. In fact, in addition to long-term practical experience to exercise the intuition, the tire manufacturers also provide a more objective way to determine the degree of tread wear.

The design of the indicator is mainly composed of two parts: 1 arrows of the arrows; 2 tire tread in the columnar protrusions. Indicator arrows can help you quickly position the columnar protrusions, and once the tire wears to the limit, the tread at the columnar protrusions disappears first and forms a "broken pattern". At this time, we know that the tire needs to be replaced.

The use of tread indicator is a good way, but also has its limitations: too limit. You really do not want the tire to the "broken line" to go to the degree of tire, when the tire tire wall has been very thin, sharp drop in grip, and very easy to puncture.

In addition to tread, the tread is also a matter of whether the tire can work properly.

Tread shape can control the sensitivity, stability and other aspects of the impact of tire productivity; the same time, modern tire formula and fetal shape is designed with the tread shape changes, carefully designed formula will not achieve the best results.

Will cause the tire deformation of the main reasons there are two: 1 use habits: long-distance running long-distance car tire easily deformed (polished), many riders dare to press the left bend, but not right to bend, this may cause the left wear More than the right, resulting in fetal shape asymmetry; 2 improper storage, which is an important factor in tire deformation. Many riders do not ride in winter, the car is a three or four months to stop. Storage for a long time, and do not support or from the frame to lift the car, resulting in long-term left side of the front wheel than the right side of the big pressure, resulting in deformation.

How to determine whether the tire deformation:

1 naked eye observation. Is the middle of the Motorcycle Tires already flattened? Did the Motorcycle Tires of the Motorcycle Tires compare with the new Motorcycle Tires? Whether the tread of the tire is symmetrical.

2 If you feel that the naked eye is too subjective, you can also use the tread indicator to judge. Indicating that the arrows refer to a number of columnar protrusions on a completely horizontal line, check whether the tread depths at the several columnar protrusions are the same, can help determine whether the tire is deformed.

3 feel the vehicle control. When riding, if you feel the winter after the car to the left turn to the right turn sensitive, and hanging tuning no problem, it is likely that the left side of the tire has been long-term parking pressure deformation.

Note: the deformation of the front wheel is mostly the left side of the tire pressure deformation caused by the tire shape asymmetry, the rear tire deformation is mainly the middle of the tire grinding.