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Motorcycle Tires Steering Performance, Driving Comfort
Jul 19, 2017

Motorcycle is the most important and most neglectable parts to the number of motorcycle Motorcycle Motorcycle Tires, and its direct impact on the vehicle's handling performance, driving comfort, driving quality and vehicle safety performance.

Two basic structures: oblique line Motorcycle Motorcycle Tires and radial Motorcycle Motorcycle Tires.

According to safety knowledge, most cruise motorcycles use oblique line Motorcycle Motorcycle Tires, while most sports motorcycles use radial Motorcycle Motorcycle Tires; spoke Motorcycle Motorcycle Tires need to have inner tubes, and cast wheeled wheel Motorcycle Motorcycle Tires do not need to use inner tubes; Line structure tire contour is more round, while the tire sidewall is higher; and radial structure tire contour is flat, while the tire sidewall is shorter.

The carcass ply below the tread of the tread is made of multi-layer nylon and rayon, and the different ply is stretched at the opposite angle to form the X-shape, which is the reason for the naming of the oblique line Motorcycle Motorcycle Tires. Some Motorcycle Motorcycle Tires will add a layer of belt to the top of the ply, which will run in the direction of the tire roll.

The direction of the radial tire ply is perpendicular to the direction of the tire rolling, which helps to reduce the heat generated by the deflection of the tire, resulting in a lower temperature during the running of the tire. Since the sidewall of the radial tire is more prone to flexural deformation, the tire profile is shorter The

The low profile of the radial tire indicates that it can carry more loads, which are more suitable for cruise motorcycles that require heavy loads of passengers or luggage; and skew Motorcycle Motorcycle Tires are more able to meet the needs of cruise motorcycles for hoisting and turning performance. So be sure to check that it is suitable for your motorcycle before buying a motorcycle tire.

Abrasion resistance

In the choice of a tire, its wear resistance is an important consideration. Soft material Motorcycle Motorcycle Tires can get greater traction, but its wear quickly; and hard material tire damage is slow, but its grip performance is poor. Manufacturers often consider a number of influencing factors in designing a motorcycle tire so that Motorcycle Motorcycle Tires can achieve an optimal balance between grip performance and mileage that can travel.

Many of the most influential factors in motorcycle Motorcycle Motorcycle Tires are motorcycle drivers. The tire pressure is the most important factor in the damage to the tire, the motorcycle tire repair point statistics can be found 85% of the tire damage is due to lack of tire pressure caused, not only to make motorcycles driving more dangerous, while But also to reduce tire life by 20% to 40%.

Therefore, when inflating the tire, it is best to inflate in accordance with the maximum pressure of the tire manufacturer on the tire's sidewall, and not to inflate it according to the maximum pressure indicated by the motorcycle manufacturer in the motor vehicle manual Motorcycle Motorcycle Tires get the best performance.

Motorcycle Motorcycle Tires are also sub-oblique Motorcycle Motorcycle Tires and radial Motorcycle Motorcycle Tires, oblique tire Motorcycle Motorcycle Tires under the carcass ply by multi-layer nylon and rayon stacked from the different ply in the opposite angle to stretch the tire and the formation of X-shaped, This is the reason why the skew structure Motorcycle Motorcycle Tires are named. Some Motorcycle Motorcycle Tires will add a layer of belt to the top of the ply, which will run in the direction of the tire roll. In the tire rolling process, its contact with the ground part of the flat, leaving the ground and then bounce back to the original state. Continued flexural deformation of Motorcycle Motorcycle Tires and ground friction generated by the thermal energy for the tire grip performance is very favorable, but excessive deflection will make the tire overheating, to speed tire wear.

Motorcycle Motorcycle Motorcycle Tires are consumables, therefore, change the Motorcycle Motorcycle Tires on the Mo friends has long been accustomed to the matter. As the front and rear wheels of the different force, the rear wheel wear is always greater than the front wheel. Ordinary for two Motorcycle Motorcycle Tires before they need to change a front tire, or for a few inner can only need for a Motorcycle Motorcycle Tires. So, how to buy a qualified Motorcycle Motorcycle Tires? Perhaps face the motorcycle with a wide variety of Motorcycle Motorcycle Tires you can not start.