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Motorcycle Tires Steering Performance, Driving Comfort
Jul 10, 2017

Motorcycle most important and most overlooked parts to the number of Motorcycle Tires, and its direct impact on the vehicle's handling performance, driving comfort, driving quality and vehicle safety performance.

The structure of the tire

Tires have two basic structures: oblique tires and tires. According to safety news, most cruise motorcycles use oblique line tires, while most sports motorcycles use structural tires; spoke tires need to have inner tubes, while cast wheeled wheel tires do not need to use inner tubes; Structural tire contour is round, while the tire sidewall is higher; and structural tire contours are flat, while the tire sidewall is shorter.

The tire ply direction is perpendicular to the tire rolling direction, which is advantageous in reducing the heat generated by the deflection of the tire so that the tire is at a lower temperature during operation; the tire profile is shorter due to the deflection of the tire sidewall. Tire low profile indicates that it can carry more loads, which are more suitable for cruise motorcycles that require heavy loads of passengers or luggage; and skim tires are more able to meet the cruise motorcycle suspension and turn performance requirements. In view of this, you must make sure that it is suitable for your motorcycle before purchasing a motorcycle tire.

Abrasion resistance: When selecting a tire, its abrasion resistance is an important consideration. Soft material tires can get greater traction, but its wear quickly; and hard material tire damage is slower, but its grip performance is poor. Manufacturers often have a number of influencing factors in designing a motorcycle tire so that tires can achieve an optimal balance between grip performance and mileage that can travel. Many of the most influential factors in Motorcycle Tires are motorcycle drivers. The tire pressure is the most important factor in the damage to the tire, the motorcycle tire repair point statistics can be found 85% of the tire damage is due to lack of tire pressure caused, not only to make motorcycles driving more dangerous, while But also to reduce tire life by 20% to 40%. Therefore, when inflating the tire, it is best to inflate in accordance with the maximum pressure of the tire manufacturer on the tire sidewall, and not to inflate it according to the maximum pressure indicated by the motorcycle manufacturer in the motor vehicle manual Tires get the most used performance. Second, different driving methods will make the tire produce different wear and tear. For cruise motorcycles, most of the weight of the motorcycle is on the rear tires, and most of the drivers are more accustomed to using the rear brake to make the rear tire carry the car Part of the traction force and braking force, so the tire is usually worn faster; and for the radical wild motorcycle driver, it is usually in the corner when the brake is brak and use the front brake so that it is higher Speed "burst into" the corner book, so that its front tires need to carry more grip performance and braking force, so the front tires are usually damaged faster. The tire manufacturer usually designs the rear tread crown depth slightly so that the front and rear tires are damaged for almost the same time. It is recommended that you replace the front and rear tires at the same time when replacing your Motorcycle Tires to ensure that the tractors of the front and rear tires are balanced and, in addition, your Motorcycle Tires are best replaced with new tires.

Many motorcyclists like to put their own motorcycle on a more flat tires, which is not really a good way. First of all, the size of the tire design needs to take into account the cleaning capacity of motorcycle fender and suspension parts, in addition, the motorcycle manufacturers spend a lot of time to design and test the selected tire size specifications should be the best, It should be best suited for your motorcycle's suspension system. And arbitrarily change the tire specifications may play the opposite role, it will affect the driving ability of motorcycles, steering performance and even lead to the safety of motorcycles driving. When the tread depth is reduced to 1/32 ", please replace the use of the new qualified tires. If your motorcycle tire is badly pierced and leaked, then it is best to replace the use of new tires. Of course, if the tire piercing the place is in the center of the crown, it can be repaired; but if the tires are punctured in the vicinity of the sidewall, then be sure to replace the use of new tires.