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Motorcycle Tires Before The Trip To A Good Check
Jun 08, 2017

Many riders easily overlook the importance of tire balance, most of the riders to replace the tire is only installed on the wheel directly on the wheel, rather than to the professional balance machine to do the dynamic balance test. To know the tire and the wheel in the manufacture of weight uneven phenomenon, prone to accidents, and in the wheel on the lead block, although only increase the weight of five grams to twenty grams, but can eliminate this imbalance Impact.

In addition, the source of the shock may also be caused by uneven tire consumption, each tire are in our driving by the sudden acceleration or braking, and even driving habits of the owners will often brake the wheel, resulting in tire surface loss Uneven or a point of grinding. The vibration generated by the tire will be transmitted directly to the suspension system and other parts of the body to hundreds of times per minute so that the suspension system components for a long time by the shock loss, ranging from the steering system or suspension system connector loose, Serious damage to the parts will cause the tire to fly off.

Balancing machine

Therefore, in order to reduce the probability of accident and to avoid unnecessary loss, always pay attention to whether the wheels in the high-speed driving vibration, as soon as possible to the problematic tire inspection to the professional store, and to make hidden in the initial stage.

Many people think that only the car Motorcycle Tires will do the dynamic balance, why? Now the car, the speed can easily reach 130km hours, if the tire quality is not good or did not do a dynamic balance, will cause the car when the direction of high-speed shaking, tire wear and tear, so that people endanger the safety of traffic. But motorcycle Motorcycle Tires also need to do dynamic balance? The answer is yes, but only for Motorcycle Tires fitted with alloy wheels. Now the highest speed of high-performance motorcycles has reached 299km per hour or more, if not dynamic balance, is quite dangerous. Many friends usually only on the tread pattern, wear, pressure to check, but they ignore the most important one - whether the Motorcycle Tires have done a dynamic balance. When you drive high speed, do you feel the body floating, the rear wheel shaking or turning slip? After checking the frame, shock absorbers, circuits, to confirm no trouble, the "culprit" is the Motorcycle Tires. In fact, the tire to do the balance is not trouble, but you must pay attention to the following: must use the new Motorcycle Tires to do the dynamic balance. Do not replace the old Motorcycle Tires, to prevent the effect and did not do the same before; the use of flat low Motorcycle Tires, because of its grip (adhesion) stronger, high-speed or cornering when the vehicle can keep more Good balance; before and after the Motorcycle Tires are best to do something dynamic balance, but the importance of the rear wheel is greater than the front wheel; dynamic balance do not, please do not move the Motorcycle Tires ... ...

The wheels of a motorcycle are a Motorcycle Tires, a hub composed of a whole. But because of manufacturing reasons, so that the overall distribution of the various parts of the quality can not be very uniform. When the motorcycle wheel high-speed rotation, it will form a dynamic imbalance, causing the vehicle in the running wheel jitter, the direction of the phenomenon of vibration. In order to avoid this phenomenon or to eliminate this phenomenon has occurred, it is necessary to make the wheels in the dynamic case by increasing the weight of the method, so that the wheel to correct the balance of the edge. The process of correction is that people often say that the dynamic balance.

When the vehicle is found in the process of driving the vehicle at high speed when the steering wheel jitter or the wheel appears a rhythm of abnormal sound, it may be the wheel of the dynamic balance, especially when the replacement of Motorcycle Tires, wheels or fill Motorcycle Tires, the wheels received Large impact, due to bumps caused by the loss of the balance block should be done on the wheel balance.