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How To Maintain A Good Wheel?
Jan 06, 2017

1, remove the first forced open the wheel cover, with a special tyre wrench unscrew the tire nuts half a turn, in case when wheels jacked up and then unscrew the tyre nut wheel rotation. And then Jack up the wheel, rotate the tire nut remove the wheel. Note: do not use heat or crowbar to pry a way to remove the tyre nut to prevent damage to the rim or edge of the tire. Tire nut drivers still used tire disassemble disassembly.

2, decomposition will wheel flat on the ground, the detachable flange side facing up. Using the valve wrench rotate the valve core, air in the tires put the net. Rides with their feet tire sidewall, the bead and the wheel loose. Then use two pry from the pick a lock ring lock ring opening, the lock ring from the Groove of the rim and remove the lock ring and ring. Spoke protruding parts face-down on the wood and tire themselves out of rim (or tire disassemble disassembly), out of the tire rim tape and tubes.

3, check the car tires are marked with signs of wear, such as tyres "▲" symbol. Sign on the Groove 1.6mm reinforcement, use it to indicate the tire wear limit. Tire wear to the boundaries showed that pattern ditch deep only left 1.6mm, has lost drainage capacity, brake effect and steering performance are significantly deterioration, should replaced fill tire; tube can through amount inflatable and placed water in the, as has bubble out is for leak at, should patch or replaced; valve mouth both inside and outside thread should intact, shall not sliding silk and leak; lining with damaged should replaced; round car appeared Flex, and pressure injury, and weld at cracking and rust serious, are should replaced....