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Comparison Of Characteristics Of Roller-type Wheels And Steel Wheels Are As Follows:
Jan 06, 2017

Reasonable structure: roll wheel using two product structure, use does not appear in the ring flew out of accident vehicles safer. Roll type dynamic unbalance of the wheel only 20% of the steel wheels, improving vehicle ride comfort.

Light weight, energy saving, good: scroll-wheel rolling, spinning, and other advanced technology, compared with the same specification steel wheels can be reduced to about 30%, effectively reduces the weight of the wheel, use with tubeless radial tire, vehicle fuel consumption per hundred kilometers down 6-7%, which makes the car more energy-saving and environmental protection.

Security: inner tube when the wheels at high speeds, due to internal and external tire friction heat, cooling is not sufficient, prone to adhesion, eventually led to a flat tire and tubeless wheel without inner tube and uniform heat transfer, heat quickly, so there is seldom a flat tire incident. While that vehicle if a sharp object into the tire, tubeless wheel is not suddenly leak and out of control as a result of traffic accidents.