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Chinese Commercial Vehicle OEM Wheel Leading Manufacturers Including:
Jan 06, 2017

Chinese commercial vehicle OEM wheel leading manufacturers including: Faw sihuan, Jining, Longkou, East wind wheels, wheels, wheel, Qi-run industry, Bengbu wheels, Zhenjiang wheels, there are dozens of people. Presents and scattered across the sector, the pattern of full competition, excess capacity, except for a few private enterprises to flourish outside the historical burden of most State-owned enterprises, and poor economic conditions.

With commercial vehicle wheels in Europe and universal realization of tubeless (near 100% in Western Europe, United States 90%, Japan 55% above), China so far, only a limited number of luxury coaches to use tube-free rolling wheels and a large number of trucks are made of tube steel wheel. Therefore, most of the capacity of the commercial vehicle wheel manufacturer in China for steel wheels. Some ring manufacturers such as Faw, Dongfeng Jining, wheels, wheel, Qi-run industry in recent years began to gradually involved in rolling wheel manufacture. Steel wheels and roll the wheel using a completely different production processes and equipment. Roller-type wheels suitable for tubeless radial tires, directly from rim seals the tire pressure, suitable for highway travel, safety and fuel economy an important role in production requires high technology. Its weakness is that under load must be strictly controlled at design capacity. Due to the prevailing domestic transport overload, and radial tires than traditional bias tire prices more than twice times, so consumers may not be willing to use roller-type wheels.