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Auto Parking System To Achieve The Rapid Passage Of Vehicles
Aug 09, 2017

 With the rapid development of science and technology, the traditional parking lot management model also made a big change, and now around the parking lot has been using intelligent technology to improve management efficiency,Auto Parking System the following is said that the modern smart car license plate recognition system which features The

       First, to support centralized control, effectively improve the supervision

       The monitoring center can synchronize the equipment failure and synchronize all kinds of vehicles in and out of the data and charge data in a timely manner by synchronizing the operation and status of the various equipment in the parking lot. The monitoring and effective data analysis can be greatly facilitated ,Auto Parking System Through the parking lot at the entrance of the network camera, but also real-time transfer of the entrance of the video data, timely monitoring of the external events.

       Second, the success rate of license plate recognition, identification speed fast time is short

       The recognition algorithm used in the license plate recognition system can be higher than 99% success rate, can adapt to a variety of harsh environments,Auto Parking System support various types of domestic license plate, but also with self-service card or card machine to achieve complete vehicle identification.

       Third, support a variety of payment models, to achieve the rapid passage of vehicles

       Smart parking system fees can be paid by the WeChat or Alipay parking fees to support the stored value application mode, the parking system can automatically deduct the fee,Auto Parking System to avoid each payment, effectively improve the customer experience, support self-service terminal, to identify a variety of denominations Of the notes and coins, and can self-print invoices.

       Fourth, support voice and video communications, do not need to watch staff

       Intelligent parking system can also be through the IP communications technology, monitoring center with the owners of real-time voice and video communications,Auto Parking System timely resolution of various anomalies, combined with the above centralized control, license plate recognition, automatic payment and IP communications technology to achieve the parking lot People on duty.