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Auto Parking System So That Drivers Fast And Convenient
Jun 30, 2017

Auto Parking System What is the most difficult thing to drive in the car? Eighty percent of the answers are parking garage. Yes, in a variety of environments want to be the perfect car parked in the parking lot, is not a thing easy.

Sometimes the side of the parking spaces before and after the distance is too small, sometimes rear parking spaces in front of too narrow, so many novices are embarrassed. More than a few times a small car, and sometimes there will be scratching, people are very angry. Although some models have been equipped with automatic parking technology, but still need to control the driver stalls, throttle, and not really automatic parking!

And now, more and more manufacturers are beginning to research and development without artificial intervention in the real automatic parking function, which is unmanned areas of the. This automatic parking even without the driver in the car can be achieved parking, not only very convenient, but also very cool. Here we can come together to inventory those real one-click parking technology.

Auto Parking System is installed in the vehicle around the radar probe, measuring the distance between the vehicle and the surrounding objects and angle, and then through the car computer, with the speed automatically adjust the steering wheel rotation, complete the parking system, the whole process of the driver Only need to control the speed on it.

Many brands of vehicles have their own Auto Parking System, and some high degree of automation, while others need to do some manual cooperation with the driver to use. If you buy a new car, Auto Parking System is optional configuration, then you can choose to install up.

But if you buy this model does not provide Auto Parking System, then do not recommend modified vehicles, the installation of this system.

One is automatically controlled by the system steering wheel, driver control acceleration and brake pedal, both with the completion of the parking action of the semi-Auto Parking System. The use of such systems is relatively common, such as the public Touran, Tiguan, Hao Rui and Audi S6 and other models equipped with parking entry system.

Although the Auto Parking System for many owners solve problems, but it still needs to be further optimized, as much as possible to adapt to the various circumstances of the parking needs; if you do not solve the "valet parking" problem, Auto Parking System Or will be cold, because as the survey report shows, most of the drivers on their own parking technology is very confident. In view of the current parking lot hard to find the reality, if the car can go to their own parking spaces and stop, it will certainly be loved by most ownersm.