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Auto Parking System Make Sure To Keep A Distance From The Rear Vehicle
Jul 19, 2017

Technology is used to benefit the human, and let our lives become more simple and quick, the vehicle's Auto Parking System system for the novice is definitely a good thing. For many newcomers, especially female drivers, parking into place is a painful experience, large city parking space is limited, the car into a small space has become a necessary skill. There is little trouble to stop the car on the situation, parking may lead to traffic congestion, nerve exhaustion and bumper was hit. Fortunately, the development of technology to provide a solution, which is Auto Parking System. Imagine, you find an ideal place to stop, do not have to back and forth toss, but simply start the button, sit, relax, everything else can be done automatically. In the near future, Auto Parking System technology also applies to active collision avoidance systems, and ultimately to automate the car.

Whenever think of this situation, some owners even more afraid to stop. But there are pains there is the market, the major car prices have long been noted that reversal fear family, have developed their own Auto Parking System system.

Then you think you can stand on the side of the road, both hands pants pocket, see the car itself into the parking spaces? This kind of thing is currently only they can do it.

Two Auto Parking System systems

One is the automatic control of the steering wheel by the system, the driver controls the acceleration and the brake pedal, both with the completion of the parking action of the semi-Auto Parking System system. The use of such systems is relatively common, such as the public Touran, Tiguan, Hao Rui and Audi S6 and other models equipped with parking entry system.

The other is based on semi-Auto Parking System system developed from the Auto Parking System system, also known as automatic valet parking system or remote parking system. It can replace the driver to complete the parking action independently, without the driver sitting in the car. With the system, the driver can get off at the door of the car park and send a signal to the car via a smart watch, cell phone, or remote key. The car can enter the parking lot and turn off the lock.

Auto Parking System technology is definitely a good thing for the novice

The reason why carmakers develop cars that can be automatically parked is because they are aware of the needs of consumers. Harbor parking is usually one of the most likely to be discounted in the driver's exam, and almost everyone will encounter something in some places. The owner of the big city may have to face this situation every day. If there is a car to eliminate these troubles, then this car will certainly be very popular, so the Auto Parking System system in many Western models are optional.

There is no need for manual operation of the driver

Most of the Auto Parking System technology is used for the type of parking (although BMW has introduced a prototype car that can be parked in a horizontal space such as a small garage). The carriageway requires the car to be parked parallel to the roadside, and a row of cars with other stops. Most car users need to grow about 1.8 meters than the car parking spaces in order to successfully complete the Shun-style parking, although some skilled drivers only need less space.

In the case of manual parking, the driver must follow the following five basic steps: the car to the front of the parking space, parked in front of a car next to the roadside to turn the wheel to about 45 ° After the car into the parking spaces, when the car front wheel and the front of the rear wheel parallel, the driver dial the front wheel, and then continue to reverse, when the rear view through the back to ensure that the vehicle to maintain a certain distance, the driver from the roadside Wheel, turn the front of the car back to the parking space, and finally, the driver in the parking space before and after the car, until the car from the roadside about 0.3 meters.