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Auto Parking System Make People Stop More Easily
May 25, 2017

Whenever think of this situation, some owners even more afraid to stop. But there are pains there is the market, the major car prices have long been noted that reversal fear family, have developed their own Auto Parking System.

Then you think you can stand on the side of the road, both hands pants pocket, see the car itself into the parking spaces? This kind of thing is currently only they can do it.

Two Auto Parking Systems

One is the automatic control of the steering wheel by the system, the driver controls the acceleration and the brake pedal, both with the completion of the parking action of the semi-Auto Parking System. The use of such systems is relatively common, such as the public Touran, Tiguan, Hao Rui and Audi S6 and other models equipped with parking entry system.

The other is based on semi-Auto Parking System developed from the Auto Parking System, also known as automatic valet parking system or remote parking system. It can replace the driver to complete the parking action independently, without the driver sitting in the car. With the system, the driver can get off at the door of the car park and send a signal to the car via a smart watch, cell phone, or remote key. The car can enter the parking lot and turn off the lock.

Foreign hot domestic cold

Although in 2003, Toyota began in the Japanese Prius hybrid car to provide optional automatic parking function, that is, intelligent parking assistance system IPA (Intelligent Parking Assist). But the automatic parking is really hot up the last two years.

In 2012, Nissan relied on 4G network and cloud services to network NSC-2015 vehicles, in the indoor and underground parking environment, the successful implementation of no one completely independent parking, vehicle parking command automatically entered the parking lot to find berths, Complete parking and real-time delivery of vehicle status.

China side: As early as 2005 BYD company applied for a self-parking patent, but has not been applied to specific models. 2006 FAW Group developed the HQ3 autonomous driving system to achieve a variety of intelligent driving technology, including automatic parking. 2014 SAIC Group based on the electric car E50 demonstrated intelligent driving technology, also includes automatic parking, the owner of the vehicle through the App control vehicle to achieve the autonomy of the vehicle.

On the one hand is the car you catch up with the development of automatic parking technology. On the other hand, the Auto Parking System does not seem to be popular, according to the latest survey by the American Automobile Association (AAA): 86% of men and 71% of women are very confident about their parking technology, of which 72 % Of men and women do not trust Auto Parking System. In addition, according to J.D. Power's survey found that 20% of the drivers have never used more than 1 half of the car function.