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Auto Parking System It's Better To Save Time And Effort
Oct 19, 2017

The development of automobile technology is more and more rapid, today's car configuration is rich, the previous body stability control system is not big on, automatic parking, keyless start and so on these configurations have become standard, so about the Auto Parking System in real life how many small partners will be used? Some people say that most of them are female drivers to use it, others say it is the benefits of the novice, and now a small part of the chat with small partners to talk about the automatic parking of those things.

Auto Parking System is the installation of the car "eyes", the point is that the vehicle is surrounded by radar probes to measure the distance and angle between the body and the surrounding objects, and then calculates the operation flow with the car computer to adjust the steering wheel rotation, as the driver only needs to control the speed. Now up to BBA, down to the independent brand, many models are equipped with automatic parking function.

Automatic parking is not all the parking spaces can be used, it has certain requirements for the size of parking spaces, such as parking size and reference and so on can cause vehicles to identify parking spaces. Generally standard 6 meters x2.5 meters of parking spaces, cars can be accurately identified, such as BMW 3 Series and Mercedes-Benz GLC, and so on, their own conductor in 4.6 meters, can identify the parking space than the body length 1.2 meters, so 5.8 meters of parking space can be identified.

Nevertheless, the space requirement of automatic parking is relatively high, such as the first generation parking system of the BMW 5 series, which can be identified by about 6.5 meters. With the continuous entry of science and technology, Auto Parking System is also constantly improving, such as the public's automatic parking more than 0.6 meters of body can be used, Bieke Ankovill can identify more than 0.7 meters of parking space, and Mercedes-Benz C-Class The most powerful, can identify 0.57 meters longer than the car parking space.

We walk in the street will often see the roadside 45 degrees of parking spaces, such parking spaces can not be used automatically parking, whether you choose vertical parking, side parking, or the left side 45 degrees, the right side of 45 degrees, vehicles will not detect parking spaces. For developers in the community or the property of their own planning parking spaces, automatic parking is sometimes helpless.

Because most of the automatic parking relies on ultrasonic sensors to detect parking spaces, so the vehicle is too far away to detect the parking space. For example, the new fox in the face of vertical parking, the farthest can detect about 1.7 meters of parking spaces, side parking intelligent sensor to 1.25 meters. However, automatic parking, regardless of whether there is a parking line on the ground, as long as the size of the appropriate distance, you can use this feature parking.