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Auto Parking System High Degree Of Automation
Oct 31, 2017

First talk about what is the Auto Parking System, and now there are people who misunderstand the Auto Parking System is like a valet parking, the driver get off, the vehicle will park their own parking spaces. Sorry, you want to misunderstand, car technology has not developed to the point of such a smart. White, Auto Parking System is only based on the radar detection of the surrounding environment, automatically help you hit the direction, into the parking spaces; and the key throttle, brake and shift or to the driver personally, accurate should be semi-automatic parking is right. However, the Auto Parking System for novice, Ms. and other parking disorders patients do have a very good effect, according to the instructions of the car computer, parking is no longer a difficult thing.

Auto Parking System is installed in the vehicle around the radar probe, measuring the distance between the vehicle and the surrounding objects and angle, and then through the car computer, with the speed automatically adjust the steering wheel rotation, complete the parking system, the whole process of the driver Only need to control the speed on it. Many brands of vehicles have their own Auto Parking System, and some higher degree of automation, while others need to do some manual cooperation with the driver to use. If you buy a new car, Auto Parking System is optional configuration, then you can choose to install up. But if you buy this model does not provide Auto Parking System, then do not recommend modified vehicles, the installation of this system.

The development of automotive technology is getting faster and faster, and now the car configuration can be described as rich, the previous body stability control system are not really tall, automatic parking, keyless start, and so these configurations have become standard, then How many small partners will be used in real life for Auto Parking Systems? Some people say that most of them are female drivers and then use it, it was also said that it is novice benefits, and now Xiaobian chat with a small partner to talk about those things about automatic parking.

Auto Parking System is installed for the car "eyes", and then understand that the vehicle is surrounded by a radar probe to measure the distance between the body and the surrounding objects and the angle, and then through the car computer to calculate the operation process with the speed adjustment steering wheel Turn, as the driver only need to control the speed can be. Now on to BBA, down to its own brand, many models are equipped with automatic parking function.

Automatic parking is not all parking spaces can be used, it has a certain size of the parking spaces, such as the size of parking spaces and reference, etc. may cause the vehicle can not identify parking spaces. In general, the standard 6 m × 2.5 m parking spaces, cars can be accurately identified, such as the BMW 3 Series and Mercedes-Benz GLC, their own car length of about 4.6 meters, can identify the parking spaces longer than the car 1.2 meters, so 5.8 meters of parking spaces can be identified.

Despite this, but automatic parking spaces on the parking space requirements are still relatively high, such as the BMW 5 Series equipped with the first generation of parking systems, parking spaces up to 6.5 meters to identify. With the continuous entry of technology, Auto Parking System is also constantly improving, such as the public parking is greater than 0.6 meters can be used, Buick Angke can identify more than 0.7 meters of the car parking spaces, and Mercedes-Benz C-class Powerful, able to identify 0.57 meters longer than the car parking spaces.

Because most of the automatic parking rely on the ultrasonic sensor to detect parking spaces, so the vehicle is too far away can not detect the parking spaces. For example, the new Fox in the face of vertical parking spaces, the farthest can detect about 1.7 meters of parking spaces, side parking spaces intelligent induction to 1.25 meters. But automatic parking regardless of whether there is no parking on the ground, as long as the distance from the right size, you can use this feature to stop.