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Agricultural Tires Keep The Right Pressure
Oct 19, 2017

1, the tread damage is serious

Once seen on the internet, some Agricultural Tiress of the tread contact with sharp objects, the pattern of serious fall off or the carcass is fragmented. When the aperture of the punctured tread exceeds 6mm, the repair is meaningless. The tyre must be replaced to ensure the safety of the vehicle.

The Agricultural Tires side appears the bulge is the cord layer curtain line appears the breakage result, appears this kind of situation to explain the Agricultural Tires already to be hopeless, no longer any patching value, must replace the Agricultural Tires. If reluctantly repaired, the repair of agricultural machinery Agricultural Tires can only be a at any time will explode the dangerous goods.

2, tread deformation/fetal body damage is serious

A new tyre must be replaced if the tread is deformed or if the carcass loss is serious. The tread deformation is actually receives the fetal body's influence, when the fetal body receives the very big force, its internal structure is damaged, finally causes the distortion, the tread is also deformed, this time, the Agricultural Tires life has declared the end.

3, fetal side injury is serious

Whether the lateral rubber of the Agricultural Tires is completely cracked, the structure of the Agricultural Tires airtight layer, ply layer and protective layer has been completely destroyed, and the tyre can only be scrapped. When the tyre is broken by iron nails, if it can be stopped in time to repair, the owner still insists on driving, Agricultural Tiress inside the wheel caused by the rolling of serious damage, you must replace the new Agricultural Tires.

The service life of agricultural tyre has important relationship with the operation Quality, operation efficiency and safety of agricultural machinery, so it is very important to use and maintain the agricultural mechanical tyre to prolong its service life. To maintain the appropriate pressure of the Agricultural Tires, and according to the operating environment and conditions to make appropriate adjustments, the air pressure too low too high risk is large, not only shorten the life, reduce operational efficiency, and even cause a blow-out accident.

The correct driving operation, achieves "six slow", namely starts slowly, turns slowly, the brake is slow, the downhill slow, stops slowly and the bad road travels slowly, avoids the high speed sharp turn and the emergency brake. In the field of trapping vehicles, should try to avoid agricultural machinery Agricultural Tires in the pit high-speed idling. Speed should be based on the actual situation, as far as possible to avoid long-distance high-speed transport.

Keep the load balance of the agricultural machinery unit, no serious overloading behavior. Correct the steering system and keep the front beam value correctly to prevent early Agricultural Tires wear. Timely maintenance and repair, in the car before and after back check whether there are scratches, deformation, loosening, stained oil, etc., if there should be elimination, if necessary, adjust maintenance repair. When the Agricultural Tires is disassembled, it should be carried out on the clean ground without the tools of notch and sharp angle. When installing, do not bring the silt into the direction of the pattern. Scientific storage and custody of Agricultural Tiress, as far as possible to avoid high temperature sun exposure, Agricultural Tires do not contaminated with oil, acid, alkali, etc., in order to prevent corrosion. When you are not working for a long time, you should put your car on the roof so that the tyre is not under pressure. Long-term parking as far as possible to make the electric car Agricultural Tires do not bear a large load. In general, after a certain period of time, the Agricultural Tires on the left side should swap positions to extend the tyre service life.

The agricultural machinery car relies on the Agricultural Tires to support the road, but the direct contact with the road is the Agricultural Tires pattern. Agricultural Tires through its pattern blocks and road surface friction, become the driving force of agricultural vehicles and the source of power. The following small series for everyone to introduce the role of the agricultural machinery Agricultural Tires pattern, I hope to help you. The main function of the agricultural machinery Agricultural Tires pattern is to increase the friction between the tread and the pavement to prevent the wheel from slipping, which is similar to the sole pattern. The tread pattern improves the ground surface elasticity, and under the action of tangential force between tread and pavement, the pattern block can produce large tangential elastic deformation.

With the increase of tangential force, tangential deformation also increases, the contact surface of the "friction" will also be enhanced, thus inhibiting the tread and pavement skidding or skidding trend. To a large extent to eliminate the defects of the slippery Agricultural Tires, so that the Agricultural Tires and road friction between the performance of the farm machinery-power, braking, steering and driving safety of the normal play has a reliable guarantee. In addition, the factors that produce the friction between the tread and the pavement include the adhesion between the two surfaces, the molecular gravitational force and the micro-cutting of the surface of the pavement on the tread. However, the main role is still the elastic deformation of the pattern block.