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Agricultural Tires How To Replace Is Also The Driver's Work
Oct 31, 2017

Agricultural vehicles in the driving, it is inevitable that rubber tires discouraged, nails or puncture, etc., need to remove the damaged Agricultural Tiress as soon as possible to repair, or spare tire replacement. How to do it faster and better?

First, keep in mind the Agricultural Tires tightening bolts. The right side of the Agricultural Tires nut is made of right-hand thread (orthodontic), the left side of the Agricultural Tires nut made of left-hand thread (anti-teeth). Therefore, loosen the left side of the Agricultural Tires nut should be clockwise force, tightening should be counterclockwise force.

Second, take the diagonal, cross, sub-3 to 4 times the method of twisting the nut, to prevent the deformation of the Agricultural Tires and the force concentrated in the individual Agricultural Tires bolts.

Third, the demolition, the first with the sleeve wrench to loosen the Agricultural Tires nut, temporarily removed, and then jack jack up the axle, until the tire slightly left the ground, and then loosen the nut, lift the Agricultural Tires.

Fourth, the installation of the thread in the application of lithium or calcium-based grease, in order to reduce the possibility of slider. Lift the Agricultural Tires when you want to align the bolt hole, so as not to damage the bolt thread, first hand tighten, and then use a special wrench screwed to the Agricultural Tires is not loose, remove the jack, so that the Agricultural Tiress down to the ground.

Fifth, the installation of tire assembly, the tire should be on the front of the brake drum ramps.

Six, for twins and loaded rear Agricultural Tiress, should note the following:

① If the degree of wear of two tires is not the same, should be larger diameter, lighter wear one mounted on the outside to meet the needs of arched road driving.

② If only the outer tires are replaced, tighten the inner nuts of the inner Agricultural Tiress and then install the outer Agricultural Tiress.

③ two tires at the same time when the replacement, use jack jack twice up the axle, were installed inside and outside the tire.

④ two Agricultural Tiress on the brake shoe clearance check hole should be staggered.

⑤ inside and outside the two rounds of the valve should be symmetrical arrangement, in order to facilitate the inspection and adjustment of the tire pressure.