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A Wheel Rim, Impact On The Load Capacity Of Vehicle Weight, How Great Can It Be?
Jan 06, 2017

In the process of landing, the plane about 240 kilometers per hour, when the plane landed on the runway, and withstand the impact of 17 tons for each wheel, the aircraft are equipped with forged aluminum wheels. Compared with steel wheels, forged aluminum wheels carrying capacity is about 5 times. For example, forged aluminum wheels deformation after the 71200 kg 5 cm, deformation of rims 13600 kg only 5 cm. Secondly, the light weight of forged aluminum wheels, weighing only rims 1/2, 22.5x8.25 inches wheels, for example: steel weight 45 kg, and forged aluminum rims only 24 kg.

Wang Wenzhi said, they are using air technology for making truck and bus forged aluminum wheels. Moreover, hongxin technology is currently the County took the lead in making truck and bus one of the forged aluminum wheels.