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2 Columns CE Community Simple 2 Post 2 Floor Jack Parking Lift
Feb 27, 2017
Basic Info
  • Model NO.: Hydro-park 1127

  • Design: Double Post

  • Voltage: 220V / 380V / Customized

  • Lifting Height: 2100mm

  • Total Height: 3500mm

  • Gross Weight: 1200kg

  • Container Load: 9 Units/20ft Container; 18 Units/40ft Container

  • Processing Method: Laser Cutting & Robotic Welding

  • Specification: CE / ISO9001

  • HS Code: 84289020

  • Type: Parking Lift

  • Certification: CE, ISO

  • Lifting Capacity: 2700kg / 2300kg

  • Total Width: 2561mm

  • Total Length: 4529mm

  • Drive Mode: Hydraulic

  • Surface Treatment: Powder Coating

  • Trademark: Mutrade Parking

    Product Description
    1. TPP-2 series of products are Valet parking equipment. 
    2. TPP-2 series of products are all hydraulic direct drive system. 
    3. The system has an advanced post sharing feature, by sharing the middle post to save money and space. 
    4. According to the different usage, there are 3 models of TPP-2 available. They are TPP-2 (2 SUV), TPP-2 Li (1SUV 1 Sedan), and TPP-2 SLi (2 Sedan). 
    5. Single stage cylinder option available to save cost. 
    6. The power pack is available from 110V-420V, single/3 phase. 
    7. The control power is 24V. 
    8. Both dynamic and static locks are available. 
    9. Both outdoor and indoor versions are available. 
    10. Electric lock release is available. 

    1. By sharing column, the total width of the product have different figure. 
    2. If your ceiling height is more than 4.4meters, we could use single stage cylinder to cut cost for you. 
    3. The standard system is powder coated with zinc cover plate, and can be galvanized for outdoor use. 
    4. Mechanical lock on both sides for safety. 
    5. Photocell sensor available for electric lock release type to check under car and avoid trespass. 
    6 Sound & light alarm during lowering the system. (Optional)
    7. Electric protection for power over load or under voltage. 
    8. Auto locking system for power cut as safety features. 
    9. Emergency stop button. 
    10. Explosion relief valve make sure hydraulic safety. 
    11. Balance chain for platform synchronization. 
    12. Cylinder direct drive. 
    13. Overhead beam for more stability (Optional, recommend to use when install independent unit)
    14. Zinc cover plate used for water-proof. 


    1. TPP-2 Series products are 100% cut by Laser and more than 60% welded by robot. 
    2. Consumer product level finishing - We have the biggest and best powder coating line within the region and the finishing of our product is much better than the industry level. 
    3. Most reliable safety - We are offering the safest parking machine in the market, the equipment is built under the CE code and has more than 10 safety features to ensure safety of our clients. 
    4. Unique sharing feature - Our unique post sharing feature allows our clients to save cost and space during the installation. 
    5. Professional packing & delivery team - We have a very professional packaging and logistic team to ensure that our customers get the product damage free and unload easily. 
    6. Experience & life long support - We export most of the TPP products from China, and we have experience on the possible difficulties that you might face. Life long support would be provided to you free of cost during any such difficulty. 
    7. Fast and easy installation - With most of the parts pre-installed in the factory, it is very simple on install on site. 

    TPP-2 Specifications
    Mortise and tenon joint Structure (Patented)Yes
    Hydraulic direct drive full travel cylinders improve 4 times safty rate than the regular chain driving system and reduce the maintence cost by half.Y
    Two cylinder lifting design provide smooth operation and safety protectionY
    Multilink structure combine all the paking spaces as a whole reduce the ground requiremnet, improve safety comapre with the single parking spaceY
    3 locking position fasten the operation speed and make manual locking release more comfort to useY
    17 locking position provide mechanical protection through all operation heightY
    Hydraulic safety lock prevent the possible demage may caused by hose burstY
    Synchronization chain  assure the lifting platform balance also make it possible for the lift to be installed on floor with slight incline. In the unlikely event of structure failure, synchronization chain will work as a safety device to holding failure until it is repaired.Y
    Anti-slip corrugated deck protect both vehicle and driver from possible slip and deamage but still high-heel shoe friendlyY
    150% safety reserve on structure strengthY
    Reduced requirement on floor and base suit different using conditionY
    Thermal protection save motor from over heating and possible burn with low quality power supply.Y
    Hydraulic relief valve limits maxmum hydraulic pressure to avoid over capacity of liftY
    Air break switch can automatically cut off the electric circuit when occur over load, short circuit, voltage drop.Y
    Hold to run control button avoided user misoperationY
    220V Control  provide a easy power connection and reduce maintenance costY
    Lockable master switch only permit authorized operator to be able to use liftY
    Upper limit switch  postion the height of  platform and control the platform highest position Y
    Car detection photocell 100% protect the ground level car even with misoperationY
    Anti toe function with a lower limit sensor to protect operator's toe and foot by stoping platform before it reach floor level then request operator confirm to lower to the ground.Y
    2.7T capacity for Suvs and carsY
    Outdoor version available with galavernization for longer machine lifeY
    Smooth and quiet operation with hydraulic systemY
    Push up cylinder for longer lift of seal packY
    Telescoping cylinder for lower ceiling height requirementY
    Polyurethane hoses for hydraulic make layout easier.Y
    Fast operation speed takes less waiting timeY
    Instant double parking space fully use the parking space in a limited placeY
    Shared column to save precious space for your carY
    More space for door opening when parked back inY
    Hot-galvanize platfrom guarantee a long lift of the deck even with water or snow affectY
    Rain or melt water can only exit from the end of the platform to save your cloth from drop waterY
    Automatic lock release control during lower down operation make lift can be used by customer with limited experience.Y
    Extensive information installation manual and video help you install easilyY
    No lifting chain or pulley need to be maintainedY
    Project packing with special design for fast installationY
    Minimum electrical control for lower installation costY
    Run over ramp for possible trans pass installationY
    TPP-2 series
    Parking vehicles2
    Lifting speed (seconds)<55
    Power (hydraulic power in Kw)2.2
    Drive modeHydraulic cylinder direct drive
    Operation modeKey switch
    Lock releasing mode24V electrical lock release
    TPP-2 Standard model
    Lifting capacity (kg)2700
    Lifting height (mm)2100
    Anti-falling safety lock postion17
    TPP-2 Li
    Lifting capacity (kg)2300
    Lifting height (mm)2100
    Anti-falling safety lock postion3
    TPP-2 SLi
    Lifting capacity (kg)1800
    Lifting capacity (kg)1800
    Anti-falling safety lock postion3