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Wheel what is the material of it?
Jan 06, 2017

Wheels on the market can be divided into two broad categories: steel wheels and alloy wheels. There are both good and bad. Steel wheel production costs are relatively low, and strong resistance to metal fatigue, belongs to the cheapest seed types, but no appearance at all, great weight, bad heat dissipation, is very apt to rust. Alloy wheels is just the opposite, making high precision makes it relatively high cost, visual appearance, and has a lighter weight, so that the entire weight of the car can reduce the part, also contributed to the fuel consumption. And won't easily deformed when in high speed turns, good heat dissipation, but prices will be much more expensive than steel wheels. Alloy wheel is made up of alloy wheels, wheels of magnesium alloy wheels and carbon fiber composites. Alloy wheel is based on the aluminum material, enter into other metals, and light weight, thermal resistance and inertia advantages. Magnesium is the lightest structural materials currently in use, and has the advantages of good mechanical properties, vehicles and electronics are a very wide range of uses. Is soon launch new material of carbon fiber composite wheel hub, currently on the market are relatively rare. But BMW has tried to put it in the I8, interested friends can take a look at. In General, steel wheels are cheap, sturdy, but easy to rust and weight. Alloy wheel has the advantage but the cost is high. Cheap alloy wheels must be in the name makes people worry about fakes, please screen, don't be fooled.