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Three types of alloy wheels
Jan 06, 2017

1. multi-piece alloy wheels

Type there are two piece and three piece alloy wheels, wheel parts using forge and spinning process and titanium bolts, these products are lightweight, high strength, excellent, but expensive, is mainly used for all kinds of championship racing and luxury cars. In global various level of car game in the, regardless of is car also is motorcycle, regardless of is in what conditions Xia, requirements vehicles can in short of 3s within will speed from zero accelerated to 100km/h, so wheel need in track Shang can bear due to very high of horizontal acceleration, and very high of run speed and bad of conditions and produced of overload run State, and tire strongly of wear and produced of temperature rose caused of effect, in this environment in the more pieces type aluminum wheel suffered live has various hard environment of test. While product quality of light, using advanced manufacturing technology, products with high structural strength, combination of multi-piece styling gives a thick sturdy feel.

2. single-piece racing alloy wheels

F1 racing calls for single-piece wheels, in order to ensure performance of wheels and vehicle weight requirements, often by forging blank using spinning forming production in order to ensure that products of high performance and lightweight, and compared with the specifications of the cast alloy wheels, their mechanical properties over 18%, you can also reduce the quality of about 20%. Specifically for an F1 car design and manufacturing of single-piece alloy wheels, stand the test of a variety of difficult circumstances. Alloy wheels for passenger cars, however unlike the racing performance requirements are so demanding, integrated low pressure die casting alloy wheels is sufficient to meet the requirements of the performance, but passenger cars pay more attention to the appearance and aesthetics of design of alloy wheel. Under the influence of motor sport and the requirements of energy saving, beautiful, car alloy wheels are also changing, richer sense of movement of large diameter, soft-spoke alloy wheel design and lightweight alloy wheel design, car alloy wheels the main development trends and seek direction.

3. built-in air alloy wheels

In order to reduce the quality of the wheels, a new concept new built-in air lightweight alloy wheels alloy wheels came into being through the hollow chamber technology to further reduce the quality of the wheels. This alloy wheel has single pieces type and two pieces combined of points, single pieces type built-in air alloy wheel through empty cavity technology, will wheel of all spoke, and rims of both inside and outside convex shoulder at are made empty cavity, great of reduce has wheel of quality, and with structure alloy wheel compared reduction heavy up 20%, and using performance is get has greatly of upgrade; two pieces combined built-in air alloy wheel is is will wheel rims of within convex shoulder at made empty cavity, greatly to reduce has wheel of quality, and with structure alloy wheel compared reduction heavy 5%, Improves the performance of the products. This type of alloy wheels is the casting, spinning to complete manufacture of cavities.