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If wheel deformation damage occurred is a great deal of
Jan 06, 2017

When inflated car tire, tires edge and hub flange fit tightly to prevent Tire gas leak. If the wheel flanges are collision deformation will affect its fit with the tyre outer, dark tire leaking. Therefore, owners in the course of daily car, should be taken to avoid collision hub, to prevent deformation of wheel.

Inspection method: If the wheel flanges of the severe deformation, we can see with the naked eye; if you don't see it, that deformation is not obvious, you need to remove the wheel, tire and wheel-link parts of sprinkling water, bubbles of the site means that the site is where the tire surface leakage.

Automobile wheel variants do not pay attention to maintenance, could cause more serious damage – wheels burst. Pneumatic tyres, wheel rupture can lead to real internal gas leaking from the crack, fracture risk of tire, and when this happens, be sure to replace new tires, tire rupture risk is very high, threaten the safety of drivers, so be sure not to effect.

Detection: owners need to remove wheel, and then view the wheel surface and whether there are cracks on the inside wall, if there is a crack, detailed the possibility is very small, should be timely replacement of the hub line.

Steel wheel using checks is in need of attention, it is best to check again before driving to avoid safety incidents, flat tire change, rather than moving on.