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Driving wheels of beginners how to judge what position?
Jan 06, 2017

1. car of revolver longitudinal location: car of revolver in where? wheels actually also has width, I to wheels middle for associate, left wheels of location from driving who of vision view, roughly on in Poussin car car engine cover left one-third concave slot that article line at, but to to far see, more accurate, promotion,, not Poussin words, car revolver on in you left feet clutch device of location, is steering wheel Middle partial left 10 cm around location, not over steering wheel edge.

2. leave the left wheels 30 cm location: front retaining glass, combined with the box on the left is called the a-pillar, glass focus combined with a post office, combined with the road distance, just at this time the left wheels 30 cm.

3. right wheel vertical position: this is a very important point, and I felt for a long time, the coach said the hood right Groove line, and after I tried repeatedly, is not correct, it may also be associated with the personal attention. I personally verified, right wheel position, front center, also you can find a reference, such as Poussin left wiper brushes protruding end right along with the right wiper position on the left of the root.

4. leave the right wheels 30 cm: this is a most important location, examination often encounter, but I am fed up the coach suffered repeated study, should be at the front of the right one-third, but note that is not right Groove line, but the Groove line on the left.

5. front wheel lateral position: generally after the left mirror, beginners can be understood as the reflector location.

6. rear lateral position: rear wheel location in the mirror after the rear door handles, which is why I started the ask you to adjust the rearview mirror of reason.