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Do you know what a wheel alignment
Jan 06, 2017

Car wheels, in the imagination of ordinary people, should be perpendicular to the ground, and that is straight ahead. Steering wheel steering axis must be perpendicular to the ground. In fact is not the case, people consciously tilt angle between them. In these terms, called a wheel alignment angle. Wheel position such as sloping? The truth is more complex, difficult to understand. However, this relationship for vehicle handling and stability and other properties, will have a significant impact.

Wheel alignment of the main purpose is to keep the car stable straight driving and steering, reducing wear on the tires and steering parts in cars driving. In fact, bicycle and motorcycle wheel alignment problems. They turned to the axis of the front wheels are tilted, is a typical example of wheel alignment, its role and the car's kingpin back exactly the same. Because the car is a four-wheeled vehicle, much more complex than a bicycle, motorcycle, car wheel alignment is also much more complex. The past, because the car has only front-wheel position, so called front wheel alignment. Now, the rear wheel position, so called wheel alignment much more comprehensive. Front wheel alignment includes caster caster, kingpin caster, camber, toe-in and the kingpin offset five content. Rear wheel rear wheel camber rear wheel toe and two content. Independent suspension car, wheel alignment parameters are not fixed, but with the wheels and the frame (or body) regardless of changes in the relative position. The directions specify wheel alignment parameters, generally refers to the empty state values.