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Considerations for installing wheels
Jan 06, 2017

1, in order to ensure safety and reliability, it is recommended that you should always check however long the old wheel bearing-take note whether there are early warning signs of wear of the bearing: includes any rotation friction noise or suspension combination wheel not turning properly slows down.

For rear-wheel-drive vehicle recommended for vehicles to 38000 km is the front hub bearing should be lubricated. When replacing the brake system, check the bearing and replace the oil seal.

2, such as hear noise from wheel bearing parts, first of all, it is important to find where the noise occurs. There are many moving parts that may produce noise, may be some turn had contact with non-rotating parts. If confirm is a bearing noise in the bearing may be damaged and need to be replaced.

3, front hub similar to the working conditions lead to bearing failure on both sides, even if only one bearing is bad, also suggested to replace.

4, sensitive to the wheel bearing, in any case, need to be used the right way and the right tools. In the course of transportation and installation of bearing components must not damage. Bearing needs bigger pressure onto, so you need special tools. Some reference to the vehicle manufacturer's instructions.

5, install the bearing should be in a clean and tidy environment, fine particles into the bearing will shorten the service life of the bearing. Replace the bearing is very important to maintain a clean environment. Not allowed to tap the bearing with a hammer, note the bearings do not fall on the ground (or similar misconduct). Before installation check the condition of shaft and housing, even a small abrasion can also lead to poor fit, which led to the premature failure of bearings.